美國 KD-FOLDLITE (12") 電動輪椅(LED控制器,加大馬力摩打,避震前輪)

  • HK$24,300.00

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電動輪椅, 美國 KD-FOLDLITE Deluxe 電動輪椅, 輕便電動輪椅


電動輪椅, 美國 KD-FOLDLITE Deluxe 電動輪椅

*最新LED智能控制器,可轉換三種模式(Soft Mode, Normal Mode 和 Power Mode),轉換模式方便不同使用習慣的用家,更提供USB外置充電

電動輪椅, 美國 KD-FOLDLITE Deluxe 電動輪椅

電動輪椅, 美國 KD-FOLDLITE Deluxe 電動輪椅電動輪椅, 美國 KD-FOLDLITE Deluxe 電動輪椅



電動輪椅, 美國 KD-FOLDLITE Deluxe 電動輪椅



電動輪椅, 美國 KD-FOLDLITE Deluxe 電動輪椅


 電動輪椅, 美國 KD-FOLDLITE deluxe 電動輪椅, 輕便電動輪椅電動輪椅, 美國 KD-FOLDLITE deluxe 電動輪椅, 輕便電動輪椅

美國 KD-FOLDLITE Deluxe 電動輪椅

為外出旅遊,經常需要搬動的客人而設計的超輕電動輪椅,廣受美國用家推薦,美國大型超市Walmart, Amazon熱賣款式


  • 超輕巧設計,淨重只有27KG,比一般電動輪椅輕最少一半,大大提高可攜性

  • 高強度鋁合金及精密結構,使其最高載重達150kg

  • 快速折疊設計,3秒間即可輕易完成折疊

  • 折疊後的體積超小,可輕鬆放進汽車尾箱

  • 雙鋰離子電池(可上飛機),充電後可行駛距離高達20公里( 100公斤負重 )

  • 加寬人體工學扶手設計,舒適承托用家手臂
  • 折疊後可以拖行,令用家運輸時更方便

  • 採用最新的鋰離子電池,比傳統電池壽命長達4倍

  • 快拆式電池設計,方便電池的更換和移動

  • 雙輪無刷電機,比有刷電機更高效省電,有更高的耐用度

  • 智能控制器可以安裝在左側或右側扶手位置,右左手都能操控自如

  • 電磁剎車系統,可掀式3寸防翻後輪,座位附有安全帶,確保使用者安全

  • 扶手可翻起,使用者可在旁邊上落輪椅,更為方便

  • KD-FOLDLITE Chair 電動輪椅提供5年支架保用
  • Unfolding Size: Length 37.5", Width 24.5", Height 36.5", Weight with Batteries: 28.5KG., Heavy Duty Load Capacity: 150KG., Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Lithium Battery Type: 24V×2-5AH . Operating temperature: -5°C (23°F) to 40°C (104°F). Regular charging time: 5 hours. Over-discharge charging time: 10-12 hours
  • POWERFUL MOTORS-More powerful and quiet brushless motors (250W*2) making the driving more stable and powerful. Also includes an easy-to-detach cord on the joystick to easily remove and place on the right or left side. The LED screen, USB charging port, 360° joystick with phonetic function support with the option of 3 driving mode- normal, soft, powerful
  • 360°Joystick can be mounted on the right or left armrest and can be removed if needed
  • The backrest and footrest are adjustable. Both armrests flip up, which makes it easy to get on and off the chair from the side
  • 5 years frame warranty for KD-FoldLite Chair


Richard Nov 7, 2021

Upon receipt of the chair, it was very easy to operate, took me just a few minutes to figure out all the functions. This product is a great help for me while taking trips. It is fast and powerful and very easy to drive. In the future, if you can use lighter materials to reduce the overall product weight, it would be a great help to the end users as well as caregivers. Overall, well worth the money.

Ziqi July 22, 2021

I bought this for my 85 years old grandma last month. We visit her this weekend and be very happy to see her like this wheel. It can be easily folded and stored in seconds without disassembly. So It's really a good companion for traveling.

cat July 1, 2020

arrived as promised a day before our air trip to Mexican resort. It was easy to charge and put together, works great and easy to get on an airplane. Very impressed!


Kay Viers June 14, 2020

I no longer am dependent on people helping push my wheelchair. This chair has given me back my freedom . It maneuvers great ,has a long lasting battery and is comfortable, easy to fold and transport


jil359 March 19, 2020

This is exactly what my wife needed, she is very demanding! The chair is amazingly handy and convenient. Perfect! The joystick steering is quite intuitive and my wife can use it indoor outdoor easily.

Cuz it is very strong, also heavy. Unavoidable. I always leave the chair in the back of the SUV and pull out just the battery that needs charging and charge it in the house. Anyways...thanks for building this life-changing device.



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